Monday, June 16, 2008

#23: Screwing Up At Work

Ugh. Rough week. I was sick all weekend and now, I come in to work to find out that I made a mistake that will cost my company something like $8,000.

I'm not sure what I was thinking (or, maybe I wasn't thinking at all.)

Let's be honest: Everyone makes mistakes. Some hurt more than others. And just because it's not my money, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. I love the company I work for and they have entrusted me with a million dollar budget. I take that very seriously.

If I made a bad decision that cost my family thousands of dollars, we'd be in trouble. But Thankfully, my company is strong enough that it won't go under because of the decision, but that doesn't take any of the shame away. My boss has been pretty cool about it. I'll try to remember that when my son is old enough to drive and wrecks the car.

Screwing Up At Work: You Suck


Monique said...

8,000 OWZERS !

Yeah, we'll see about that car thing. Easy to say when he is all adorable and under 2!

Let him roll his eyes at you and throw some UGH's your way before said wrecked car. ((I started getting them from my oldest at 7))

He may just try to push it home like my friend and I did before we burst into tears and called my Mom.

Or wreck a 1966 truck, newly a classic (1986) while backing out of a Git'n'Go and then lie to the police by giving the right name, but the wrong SS#.

Yeah I was that dumb, and totally not a blonde either. No actually I was blonde then, but it was fake, the stupidity was not.

The Sheriff showed up at my Mom's work. Those were just some really fun seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months - no, a YEAR to pay her back for the truck's damage.


Hoover Maneuver said...

Sounds like you've lived an "adventurous" life, Monique! And, judging by your blog, the adventures keep coming!

You know that curse, the one your parents always tell ya: "I hope you have kids just like you..."

Yeah, I already see the plotting, scheming, conniving in my son.

The curse has come true! We're doomed!! Ha!