Friday, August 1, 2008

#32: Ticket Scalpers

So you want to go to a concert...or a sporting event. And you, like hundreds--maybe thousands of other people, do exactly what you're supposed to wait til the second tickets go on sale and either call TicketMaster or go to their website...only to find out that all the good seats are already taken.

What the &^%$#@!

To make matters worse, once you finally get your nose-bleed section tickets, you show up for the event, only to find out that some guy is in the parking lot, selling the EXACT SAME TICKETS you three times the price.

How did he get those tickets!?

Let's be honest: Everybody's out to make a buck. Ain't nothing wrong with that. But there has to be a way to keep scalpers from getting all the good tickets. TicketMaster has to be better about policing their own system. (Or else, another company needs to come in and take away TicketMaster's stranglehold on the industry.) When the same company or person is buying up dozens of tickets to every frickin' event in town, that should be a red flag. Hard working Joe Schmoe should have the right to see his favorite rock band, in a decent seat, without having to pay four day's wages to do so.

Maybe we need to go back to the old system...first-come, first-served. And no, you can't buy three dozen tickets either. Get in line, buy your tickets...and get back in line if you wanna buy more.

Ticket Scalpers: You Suck

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Monique said...

I agree w/ you. It is frustrating.

I remember waking up at dawn to go stand in line for our Joe Walsh/Foreigner tickets waaay back in the 80's.