Monday, March 16, 2009

#42: Lip-Syncing

Okay, I'm old enough to remember what a scandal it was when Milli Vanilli tried to pull off the lip-sync scam. They became a laughing stock. It ruined their (pseudo) careers.

Girl, you know it's true.

So tell me why has it now become acceptable--if not "fashionable" to lip synch? So many pop artists are blatantly syncing to their songs when "performing live." And hardly a shoulder is shrugged.
Jennifer Hudson's powerful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the SuperBowl...lip-sync. Rather than calling it a controversy, some "journalists" dared call it a "non-troversy." "People expect it these days", they say. WHAT???

EVEN SPRINGSTEEN'S BAND faked it at the SuperBowl. (Although he apparently really sang--but the band wasn't really playing.)

Go see Britney Spears''s anything BUT live. In fact, reports say that her entire performance for her new Circus Tour is lip-synced. (But then again, when you start off with no talent, lip-syncing is a logical progression.)

What the...?

Does expecting someone to sing live in a concert make me a old fuddy duddy?

Let's be honest: I know fans expect amazing shows from artists these days. And they should--considering what ticket prices run. And I know that it's tough to run all over stage and dance and sing at the same time. I do. But I'd rather you didn't have 8 costume changes and grind your hips on every dancer on stage, if you could just sing the song!

But that's the problem. So many arists CAN'T sing the songs. In the studio, they autotune their vocal tracks til they hardly sound human anymore. And when it comes time to perform live, there's no way they can recreate it.

It's time we got back to artists performing live...really live. I don't care if you miss a note or two, I really don't. Just sing. And if you can't sing, then stop touting yourself as a vocalist. Go be a dancer or something. Seriously.

Lip Syning: You Suck!


Monique said...

Lookee Lookee... He's back!

Yes lip-syncing sucks. But as for Milli Vanilli, they weren't even the people who recorded what they were lip-syncing though, right?

That makes it a bit different. But all in all we are much more accepting of the faker than we used to be.

Kim said...

I was just lamenting the other day having watched some of the performances at the Grammy's that I miss singers who sang and mesmerized us with the force of their personality and their fantastic singing and musicianship. What's with the light shows that give me migraines and the Flying Wallenda performances?