Friday, May 2, 2008

#13 Long Commercial Breaks

So I'm watching American Idol the other night and Ryan Seacrest does one of his pathetic attempts at trying to seem sly when he tosses to the commercial break.
"Syesha. America voted...and you are...gonna find out
what they said...after the break!"

Gag. Then I sit through a commercial...and another...and another...and another. Oh for crying loud, how many commercials are there? 5 minutes. That's right. A 5 minute commercial break!

Then, on Thursday night I was watching one of my other favorite shows, Lost. Man, as if this show doesn't move slow enough...another 5 minute commercial break!

Remember when Chuck Woolery would toss to commercial break during Love Connection?

"We'll be back in two...and two."

Referring to the 2 minute commercial break...and the second that it takes to transition into the break and the second it takes to transition out of the break. Two minutes...two seconds. THAT'S an acceptable commercial break.

Let's be honest:
I know these networks have bills to pay. And I fully expect a commercial break during my programming. It's a good time to go to the bathroom, fetch a beer...whatever. But now it's also enough time to re-tile the bathroom, polish off a six-pack, burp and then use the re-tiled bathroom! It's getting ridiculous.

Thank God I have a DVR now. Talk about something that doesn't suck! I don't know how I survived before it! Now I can zip through 5 minute commercial breaks in less than 20 seconds. So I rarely watch a show as it's airing these days. I record...and watch later.

Thank you DVR!

Long Commercial Breaks: You Suck!



Yes, yes, yes! There are 4 TV stations here that don't have commerical breaks but they're all BBC and the programmes on there really suck (BBC, YOU SUCK!) The best shows are on digital or cable.
I was watching Boston Legal last night and the commericals were driving me insane.
Commericals really do suck.
Once again, you have constructed a brilliant argument. Kudos to you!

Hoover Maneuver said...


Yeah, we have some stations here that don't have commercials, so instead they put in PSA's...Public Service Announcements. Those are usually the lowest quality production ever.

Get a DVR...skip past those annoying commercials!


Monique said...

Nice Jeep !!

I haven't read the post yet, just got here and saw the Jeep.

I'll be back....

Monique said...

5 minutes, seriously.... I don't doubt it in the slightest, but never thought to actually time it either..

I am among the DVR deprived, and since I seem to also be brain-dead after 5pm every night, I forget to set the dvd recorder - so I (shhhhh) download my shows and they are w/out commercials. It's nice.

Ryan Seacrest is such a joke. He can sometimes pull it off rather slyly. What gets me is the last elimination before they "start the show" where the people take the elevator up and walk a mile to the table. They are SO cheesy trying to psyche them out. ((I used the grown-up version, normally I would have said SIKE))

Love Connection was fun... 2'n'2

itsjennie said...

I tend to flick channels during commercials because I just can't stand them! The DVR was a great solution, maybe I should consider getting one?

Great Blog topic!

NoodleGirl said...

Great blogs so far, can't wait to read more things that suck