Thursday, July 10, 2008

#28: Cops Who Drive Slow In Traffic

So I' on my way to work this morning and traffic is worse than usual.


I'm glad you asked! Because in this 50 mph zone, a cop was at the head of traffic doing 45. So EVERYONE lined up behind him, in both lanes, afraid to pass.
What the *&^%$#@!?

And you just know the cops love it too. I can just hear 'em talking to each other on their radios:

"Hey Joe, check it out....I got like 40 cars behind me!"

Whatever. Cops who hold up traffic by driving under the speed limit suck. But the people who hold up traffic because they're afraid to pass a cop--they suck even more! Get over into the slow lane. I'll pass a cop. I have no problem with it. I've done it dozens of times. If a cop is doing 45mph in a 50mph zone, I'll pass 'em doing problem. If you don't have the balls to try the same, move over and make room for daddy!

Let's be honest: It's kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation for cops. If they speed, people will complain. If they drive slower than the speed limit, people (like me) will complain. So do us all a favor the speed limit or get out of traffic altogether. Go hide behind your bushes with your radar guns so you can bust those hardened criminals--the speeders--and make money for your local government. And those of you who don't have the cajones to pass a cop. Get out of the way.

Cops Who Drive Slow In Traffic (And those afraid to pass them): You Suck.


The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

I never know what to do when there is a cop from another town on the road. If I'm speeding in East Mayberry and I see a cop with West Mayberry written on it, will they/can they ticket me?

Cops who drive their police cars in other towns suck.

Hoover Maneuver said...

ah yes cup...good example!

I don't think a cop from one town can give you a ticket in another. But I do think the talk to each other...and can send info via the best to still be careful.

Yeah...cops who drive their cars in other towns...SUCK!

Here's another: People who buy cars that look like cop cars...they suck too!

Monique said...

"move over and make room for daddy!"


Totally true. I will pass them but I have a major check-list going through my head in doing so - is everything legal, are my tags ok, where's my license, seat belt - check. Ok go.

OH your extra suckage in the comments is so true too. You know they are smug as hell watching everyone slow down. They suck.

Hoover Maneuver said...

Hi Monique!

Thought I had lost ya. Glad to see you back!

Yeah, I do the same, with the mental checklist, etc. Maybe that's why so many people are afraid to pass...maybe they're driving with expired tags or something.????

Monique said...

Lost me? No way! I enjoy going off on the massive suckage in the world too much to leave it alone.

Expired tags, or they could just be lost in thought wondering if this is a good cop or bad cop. Here they can pull you over and write a BS ticket just because they want to ---- or because you passed them when they wanted to play follow the leader for awhile longer.

While on the subject of traffic, cars etc. Have you ever noticed how utterly stupid people get when sitting at a 4-way stop sign. We have a crazy amount of road work in the city this Summer and they seem to have chosen NOW to replace every stoplight around me.

Geez people, get a clue.

Hoover Maneuver said...


I have toyed with the idea of starting another blog...just teaching people basic driving skills...because they have no clue what to do in a round-about, or a 4-way stop, etc.

Good one!

Monique said...

Hopefully it would help.